Prayer changes us

What if God is preparing you right now to answer the prayer you’ve been praying?
We don’t always look at it that way. Sometimes we think because we pray, God will make everything easy for us and just answer our prayers like we want him to answer them. Trust me, friends, I’ve been there.
While it is true God can do things that I can’t do, still, He wants me to do what I can. When I do the things that He wants me to do, then He will step in and do the things I can’t. Still, I have some work to do in each situation. God doesn’t waste our hardships. He uses each one to mold us, teach us, and strengthen us in some way. Through every trial, I have learned a valuable lesson and achieved the gift of wisdom.
I love it when I can humble my heart and surrender it all to Him. I love it when I’ve reached the end of my strength and He shows me how to go beyond my preconceived beliefs. I love it when He gives me the courage to stand up to fears.
Prayer changes things. It turns the impossible into possible. Right before the blessing, however, it always gets harder. That’s when most people quit. When it gets harder they give up. I’ve learned, however, that is when we should pray harder. And visualize the outcome we want. God wants us to pray, believing that He will answer.
So my precious friends, today I encourage you to pray harder. Don’t give up. This trial is not meant to defeat you. It is meant to teach you. Pour your heart out to God and then watch how He pours His blessings out to you. Ask Him what He wants you to learn? It is a wonderful gift to be able to embrace the trial and know that the fire is creating something beautiful in your life.
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