Please, don’t ignore the warning signs

Have you ever read something you’ve previously written and felt the anguish in the words? 

This morning I read something I wrote from one of the most challenging times in my life. I remember how it all felt. I could feel the pain in each word. But the beautiful part is that I read it from the other side of the trial.

While I remembered the pain, I also remembered the joy of when God answered my prayer. 

When we follow the enemy, he will lead us to destruction. He’s so sneaky. It doesn’t happen all at once but a bit at a time. After a while, all those small things become a stumbling block for us. And in our pain, Satan will try to make us mad at God. 

God can help us deal with the pain of the enemy and others, but NO ONE can help us deal with the pain of disobedience to God. That’s what happened to me. I followed others instead of my Lord and found myself with more pain than I could handle. 

So, I do my best to follow God, even if no one understands or likes me. Because I NEVER want to be in that horrible place again. I felt so alone. It was like I was drowning in sorrow, and no one cared. 

Now I look for the warning signs. 

  1. The feeling I am doing something wrong
  2. Trying to justify my actions
  3. Having negative thoughts about others
  4. Always feel like I’m coming unglued
  5. Not praying or spending time with God

I START PRAYING AND JOURNALING when I start feeling or noticing these things. Because I know the enemy is trying to destroy me, and I don’t want to help him. Therefore, I pray until God helps me.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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