I am the problem. 

The majority of my problems in life are caused by my thinking. When a thought pops into our minds we have two choices. We can either choose to dismiss it … Continue Reading →


I will praise my Lord

This morning as I was reading the first three chapters of Job, my heart sympathized with Job and all that he endured. While I’ve never suffered in the exact same … Continue Reading →


Fear not

The enemy is selling us fear and evil. Every day, in some way, we are reminded of the evil in this world. Satan wants this to be continually in our … Continue Reading →


What is important to you? Every once in a while, we need to pause in our lives and ask ourselves this question. Life is filled with so many things to … Continue Reading →


Lord, I will trust in you

Sometimes we don’t even know that it is happening to us. The enemy slips in one bad thought and then another until we are completely distraught. Once he weakens us, … Continue Reading →