Accepting God

I remember very vividly the moment that changed my life forever and for all Eternity. The church was having a revival and I didn’t want to go. My parents made … Continue Reading →


Enjoying the moments

One of the greatest things that I have learned recently is to how to enjoy the little moments. Every day is a new beginning. This brand new day is filled … Continue Reading →


Love deeply

One day it will all be over. My life will come to end. God knows the date. He knows the exact time. Right now my life is on a timer … Continue Reading →

The goodness of the Lord

God is so wonderful! Sometimes I fail to tell of His greatness. When I just pause in my life and look around for my blessings, I can see them everywhere. … Continue Reading →


Happy Mother’s Day

God is so great! He knew the exact mom I would need to help to mold me into the person that He wanted me to be. Growing up, my mom … Continue Reading →