Overcoming the suffering

When we resist our reality, it causes pain. Every time I choose to numb my pain with something other than prayer and God’s word, I create even more pain. Listening to the enemy causes me to doubt my Lord.

The truth is that I am in this trial. I can resist and try to pray it away. I can let it come in between God and me. Or I can grow through it all and learn everything God wants to teach me.

It’s hard to welcome the pain amid the suffering of it all. While the pain of this trial is definite, the suffering is optional. I suffer when I reject God’s will.

We can’t grow if we aren’t willing to endure it all. This journey requires hardships, pain, disappointments, and rejection of our ideas and will. Following God means in the good times and bad. I can’t just praise and follow Him when I feel like it. I must do it continuously, even when it breaks my heart.

Oh, sweet friends, the desires of our hearts are painful. It’s not easy. We all feel weak during the battle. In our weakness, however, we can discover the magnificent power of the Lord.

The enemy whispers words of fear, worry, defeat, disappointment, and pain. But God’s word is filled with love, peace, and joy. Weak and weary when we go to Him, He will renew us and give us strength.

As I struggled to write and pray this morning, Jesus helped me. He listened as I poured my heart out to Him and encouraged me with His word. Jesus showed me the needed scripture. In my pain, He showed up for me.

It’s not the storm raging around us that scares us and causes us pain, but the one inside of us. If we can fix our mind of God and ask Him to give us the right thoughts, we can rejoice in our pain.

God can turn our heartaches into blessings!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
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