My Catalyst For Change

If we want to move forward in our life, then we have to pay attention to the stories we are telling ourselves. I used to have all kinds of stories that I replayed in my mind constantly. Instead of moving me forward, toward the life and goals that I wanted, my thoughts were moving me further and further away each day. Not all of our thoughts are the truth. 

At one point, I believed and accepted the fact that I was sick, and I truly felt that it was not possible for me to get better. I remember the feeling of hopelessness and misery. Instead of fighting against my problems, I embraced them. I had a negative attitude about exercise. At that point, I could barely lift my arms over my head, so working out was in my category of impossible. 

I also had negative thoughts about food. Healthy foods didn’t make me happy. Plus they were expensive. So in my mind, it was smarter to buy the junk food because it was cheaper and it made me happy. Until, it made me very sick. 

For 10 months, I lay in my bed in so much pain that I could barely move and so depressed that I thought my life was over. It was during this painful time in my life that I changed the story I was telling myself. 

We can change in an instant. But in order to make the change that we need, we have to be honest with ourselves. For me, buying junk food was not cheaper. It caused me to not be able to work for 10 months, and wreaked so much havoc on my body that I could barely eat. I lost weight and had severe problems with my stomach and low blood sugar. Not to mention, all my doctor bills. 

That was by far the worst time of my life. I cried every day and was so miserable. I never want anyone else to go through with what I did. So I talk about my struggles, and hope that it will help someone else. Because I wish that someone would have helped me during that time, and interrupted my negative thoughts with the truth.

Before I changed my lifestyle, I was on several prescription drugs daily. They made me feel horrible. One day, I took my medicine and then couldn’t remember where my kids were. I wondered if I had taken them to school or not. That was the day that I decided I would not tolerate taking all that medicine any longer. It took me months, but I was able to get off of every single pill. 

God gives us all a choice on how we want to live our lives. It’s an individual battle. We have to decide what we want for our lives. Don’t let the devil entice you with his lies. Search for the truth and ask God to reveal it to you. He will. He revealed it to me and showed me what I needed to do. When I became willing to make changes, He helped me every step of the way. Now I praise Him for delivering me out of my misery. He will deliver you as well. 

Love and blessings, 


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