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I want to be like Jesus until it gets hard. Then, I forget all about the troubled souls I want to reach and help. I back up on the Lord and return to my comfort zone. That’s the difference between Jesus and me. Jesus leans in. He loves harder and takes the pain and the discomfort. Jesus is there regardless of the struggle, and He doesn’t quit.

Even when those He loved and attempted to help rejected and betrayed Him. My Lord suffered greatly because His purpose was more incredible than Himself.

As I walk deeper into my purpose, I realize it gets more challenging. The rejection is harder to endure, the betrayal is devastating, and the work is more important than ever. Sometimes, in the depths of it all, I feel so alone. But when we are on the narrow path of our purpose, it is just us and God.

That’s when we have to tap into the power of our salvation. We have what Jesus has in the depths of our souls. Sweet friends, we have the ability to overcome every challenge.

When it gets hard, we just need to accept that it is supposed to be and lean in. There is no discharge in this war.

I desire in the depths of my soul to be like Jesus and not quit.

I will not quit, even during times of rejection.
I will not quit when it gets hard.
I will not quit when others betray me.
I will not quit even if I fail.

We are only genuinely defeated if we quit before we finish it. I’m so thankful that Jesus didn’t give up. He didn’t just speak words of love for His Father but lived like He loves God.

Regardless of what happens to me, I want to return my thoughts to LOVE. Instead of trying to help tons of people, I focus on helping one person each day. The blessing is in the act of helping and loving. Therefore, I must be open and willing to do whatever God puts on my heart, whether writing books, speaking on stage, picking up trash, or washing someone’s feet.

I can continue when I focus on those I want to help instead of those who don’t want my help. If I show up daily, work incredibly hard, and help one person to the Lord, my life will be well lived.

Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash

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