Love wins

God created us all for a purpose. While our gifts are different, I believe our purpose is the same. I believe that God created us all to help each other.

When we can live according to our purpose and love our neighbors as ourselves, then our lives will be so much better. Life will have meaning because it will not just be about us and what we want.

Anytime I can live intentionally for God, instead of my own life, then I am more joyful. I find meaning in the small things and live from a place of gratitude. God gave us one of the greatest gifts imaginable when He put His love in our hearts. Everything that we need to have a wonderful life is inside of us. We just need to use it.

The world is filled with so much suffering because we have separated ourselves from each other. We are supposed to help one another. God never intended for us to judge one another or to hurt one another. We are all the body of Christ, therefore we need to love each other and pray for each other. When we see someone in need, then we should go to them and try to help them. In helping someone else, we really help ourselves.


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