Love Is The Answer

Whatever you are going through right now, let me assure you that love is the answer. It’s so simple, and yet incredibly powerful. Most of the situations in our lives are misinterpreted. We usually think when someone is treating us badly that we should lash back at them, but that just creates more heartache. What if instead of fighting, we decided to just love them right where they are. 

When someone is in the trenches of life, crawling on their bellies, they don’t need more heartache to stack upon what they are already carrying. What they need is love. Sometimes just knowing that someone loves us right where we are can make all the difference. 

The way God loves us is the way we need to love others. He loves us unconditionally. Nothing we have done or could ever do would make Him stop loving us. He might become disappointed with us and our decisions, but He doesn’t stop loving His children. We are all so precious in His sight. 

Sometimes we just need to ask Him to forgive us for our shortcomings and then we need to forgive ourselves. Holding onto the heartache and nurturing it will only hurt us worse. We need to let it go. Wallowing in the pain only makes it worse. 

Regardless of how strong we appear, we are all so small. In all honesty, I can’t handle anything on my own. With the first sign of trouble, I usually fall apart. The good news is that my God always comes through for me right on time. He strengthens me and helps me to fight my battles. Sometimes all we need is a new perspective. I have learned on my journey with the Lord that one of two things will either happen when I’m going through a struggle. God will either a) help me overcome the struggle, or b) show me how to change my thoughts about it. 

If I could sum up, in one word, what the world needs more of it would be love. We need to love our neighbors, as well as our enemies. We all struggle. We all fight the same enemy every day. Instead of looking down on someone struggling, we need to be the one with our hand extended out—willing to walk with those who feel broken, alone, scared, and unloved. 

If we do this every day can you imagine the kind of difference we could make? The first person it would help would be us. 

Love and blessings, 


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