Love is the answer

Relationships are hard. We never get to where everything is good, and then we can coast through life. Every day, we must choose to love our family and friends again. Loving other people and being in a relationship with them takes work. We must be willing to forgive and choose to love—even when our hearts break.

Love is the answer. Regardless of our problems, love can conquer them all. So often, we allow little things to come in between us. When we start fighting over little things, we turn them into big things. Before we know it, we start keeping score on what we do and what they don’t do. But love doesn’t keep score.

When we can love others just as they are, without expecting them to earn our love, we experience God’s kind of love for us. Putting restrictions on our love and closing our hearts just because people don’t act the way we believe they should is not unconditional love.

I have learned that when I can love someone else without restrictions or a scorecard, it has nothing to do with them. We love others based on who we are and what we do, not on who they are or what they do. This is how God loves us.

1 John 4:19 (KJV)

19 We love him, because he first loved us.

God loves each of us in all our messiness. He loves us when we sin. He loves us when we mistreat Him. He loves us when we ignore Him. He loves us when we hurt others. He loves us when we follow the enemy instead of Him. And He even loves us when we use the very breath He gave us to deny Him and to curse Him. God loves us because He is love. Every day, we should strive to love others as God loves us.

We live in a fallen world filled with heartache. While there is pain all around us, there is also love. The world wants us to focus on the pain, but God wants us to focus on love. Can you imagine how wonderful our homes, schools, and communities could be if everyone loved each other? It starts with you and me.

Today, we can choose to love others as God loves us. In doing so, we can teach everyone we come in contact with about God’s love. We can live a good life in front of our children and teach them how to live. The more love we give, the more we feel in our hearts. It’s a beautiful process.

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