Look up!

Sometimes, amid the pain and stress, we need to know that everything will be okay. It’s one thing when someone tells us it will be okay and another entirely when the Lord whispers His comfort to our troubled souls. When God speaks, the enemy has to flee.

What a blessing it is to be so incredibly loved by Him.

The Bible tells us the very hairs of our heads are numbered. God knows everything about us, and yet He doesn’t turn away. He knows our weaknesses, faults, and failures yet encourages us. Despite my sin, God has never turned away from me and told me His salvation couldn’t cover it.

When I think about the words of God and His powerful spirit, I am humbled. God never tells me it is hopeless because He is my HOPE.

Therefore, I know these truths in the depths of my soul.

Regardless of what happens, God will comfort me.
Regardless of what I do, God will forgive and always love me.

I can’t do anything to separate me from His love. Others might reject me and turn their back on me, but my God will always love and be there for me. Today, I am comforted by the power of His love. Regardless of how dark it may seem, I can always find a glimmer of hope if I look up.

Photo by NEOM on Unsplash
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