Laser Therapy Update: Why I Can’t Exercise My Arms And Back Anymore

I have been doing so well that I decided to try a new exercise routine. After just four days of working my arms and back, my muscle has increased and I’m in pain. Last night my rib slipped out of place and I tossed and turned all night. My chiropractor put my rib back in place and the laser therapy helped to decrease the pain and inflammation in my arm. 

The pain relief was quick. After a few hours of the therapy, my arm doesn’t feel as swollen around the scar, and the numbness in my arm and hand is gone. While there is no cure for my condition, it is such a blessing to have resources to help me deal with it. 

Now, I know with certainty that I can’t exercise my arms and back any more. The scar damaged my muscles. Increasing the muscles, increases the pain.  And it’s just not worth it to me anymore. However, I won’t just give up. I can still walk and work my legs, and my abdominal muscles. 

To improve my health and ease my pain is the whole reason I workout anyway. Even with the disappointments and pain, I am so grateful for all that I’m able to do each day. Last night, I was reminded of what life was like for me for so many years. Then it was devastating for me because I didn’t really have hope that I would get better. Now I know that I have laser therapy to help decrease the pain and soon the muscle will shrink back into the place of comfort. 

Life is hard. The enemy is always trying to drag me down. When I can shift my focus from pain to gratitude, however, he can’t defeat me. It’s hard to feel sorry for myself, when I’m so grateful for my life and all of my abilities. God is so good to me. I could never praise Him enough for allowing me to live. The amniotic bands might have done damage to my body, but all is well with my spirit and my soul. 

Love and blessings, 


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