How to quiet your mind

Most of the time, we cause our own heartache. I can look back over my life and see where I have gone down the wrong path and caused myself lots of unnecessary grief. Other times the problem was in my thinking. My thoughts cause so much of my heartache. Therefore, I am learning to control my thoughts.
When I allow my thoughts to run wild, like a toddler, then I stay in that place of drama and anxiety. Overthinking and allowing my mind to run around in circles is not helpful for me. All it does is wear me down and cause me to get sick. Controlling my thoughts, however, and looking for a solution to my problems is helpful.
I am learning to control my thoughts by journaling and meditating. Honestly, I wish I had known this and implemented it in my life years ago. When I go out for a walk and just breathe, it helps me so much. The deep, focused breaths calm my mind and my body. Then, I can think more clearly. Especially when I focus my thoughts and release the thoughts of worry, fear, and negativity immediately. After I sort through those thoughts, then I can get to the ones that will truly help me.
When my mind is troubled by worry and fears, then I feel like I am constantly coming unglued. And I hate that feeling. Monitoring my thoughts has helped me so much. It has relieved the stress and anxiety that I used to feel. Now my body and my mind feel calm.
Today, I encourage you to try it. Get a notebook, a scrap of paper, or even use the notes on your phone, but just journal about your day or your problem. Write it all down. Then examine it. So often when I put it on paper, then I can spot the lies immediately. Once I dismiss the lies then I can search for the truth. Ask God to help you. He knows our situation and how to help us. Meditation helps me to calm my mind. It stops the constant chatter in my mind and helps me to live in the present moment. When I work to quiet my mind, then I can hear the voice of my Lord better.
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