How to Prepare for the Hardships of Life

If I had know that my workout would result in a fractured arm, four weeks ago, then I would have skipped it. But I didn’t know. I was doing something simple. Something I had done many times before. That evening, however, I was injured in an instant. 

This injury has reminded me that we don’t always know what is coming our way. While everything may be just fine in my life right now, it could change in a moment. And that’s why we need to be ready—to live our life fully and, yet, to be prepared for death. While we may not know what tomorrow holds or even the next second for that matter, God does. He foresees our future, and helps us to be prepared. 

Every trial that we experience now will aid us in the future. When we go through something so difficult with our Lord, and overcome the hardship, it sets up a memory for us. Then when a similar trial occurs, we remember how God helped us previously and that memory gives us hope, strengthens us, and encourages us to keep going when we really want to give up. 

These last four weeks have been so difficult for me. The intense and aching pain has accompanied me throughout each day. Simple tasks are difficult, leaving my body drained by the end of each day. Even though I’m exhausted by the end of the day, I’m usually hurting so badly that it is difficult to sleep. After a few days of constant pain and very limited sleep, it gets hard to keep going. While I would not have chosen this trial for myself, God knew it was coming and He has prepared me accordingly. 

All of those intense workouts and runs, where I wanted to give up, but forced myself to keep going, have strengthened me and increased my endurance, faith, and taught me that on any given day I am so much stronger than I even realize. Each Sunday that I have gone to church to learn more about my Lord has strengthened me spiritually, and mentally. 

The previous battles have taught me that through my Lord I am an overcomer. 

But I have also learned that I can’t wait until I’m in the midst of the storm to seek Him. If I do, then I am not strong enough to endure the hardship. And my lack of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding will cause me even greater heartaches. When I am prepared, however, I can praise Him through the storm, and reap the rewards that only the hardship can bring. 

So how do we prepare for hardships:

  1. Seek God daily, through prayer and His word. 
  2. Go to church as often as possible to learn and grow.
  3. Step out of our comfort zones. 
  4. Do something every day that is hard.
  5. Trust the Lord.

While I may not have chosen this trial for myself, I am so thankful that God chose me. Yes, it is difficult right now, but those that sow in tears shall reap in joy. My God is wonderful! He knows exactly what I need, and I trust Him to help me today, and always.

Have a wonderful day!


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