How to Do What is Right Not What is Easy

Anything worth doing is hard. The fact that we have the devil to contend with every day, in every way, makes it even harder. Last Sunday, I decided that I was going to do better the next week. I had planned to get up earlier, and get more accomplished. But on Monday, I fell and sprained my arm. It swelled and was so painful. And all of my plans and goals were pushed aside. 
While I needed extra rest, and the pain made it harder to concentrate, still I could have done more than what I did. But I listened to the enemy. He persuaded me to sleep in, and only do enough to get by. 

Barely getting by, however, does not feed my soul. Drifting through my days without doing anything of value is the equivalent to wasting my life. And I don’t want to waste my life. So last night I planned my day. I picked out my workout clothes as well as my work clothes. And I set my intentions for today. 

Something may come up to derail me, but I hope if the unforeseeable happens that I talk to God about it instead of the enemy. In all things, we need guidance from the Lord. He will lead us along the path of righteousness and help us defeat the enemy. 

If we are looking for an excuse then we will be able to find one. Without even realizing it, I was looking for an excuse. I didn’t want to get up at 5 a.m. nor do my chores. So the moment that something happened to give me an excuse to alter my schedule, I jumped on it. The enemy is so sneaky. He puts stumbling blocks in our way, and more often than not, I stumble over them. 

I am tired of being defeated. My conditions are not ideal this morning either. My head hurts, my arm hurts, and I’m so sleepy. But every time the devil tries to initiate a conversation with me, I ignore him. I will not allow him to steal my time or hinder my dreams. 
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God doesn’t need everything to be perfect for me to be able to do His work. My God works great through imperfect situations and people. I just have to put aside my excuses, show up, and allow Him to guide me. 

Once we get our mind made up, and our feet planted just right, our enemy loses his power over us. So the next time troubles strikes and tries to derail me, I’m going to ask myself these three questions:

  1. Is it true? 
  2. Am I doing what is right or what is easy?
  3. Is my guidance coming from God or the enemy?

Happy Monday!


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