How to Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

It happened so fast. One minute I was exercising, and the next I was on the floor. My left foot is affected my Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) and my balance is definitely challenged on my left side. Therefore, my left arm is now sprained from my fall. 

At first, I thought it would be painful for a few days, and then it would be healed. I did not expect for it to be this painful, swollen, or the healing time to be so long. When I heard it could take 4-6 weeks to heal, I cried. 

Everything about my days has been so challenging. From opening doors, to carrying things, and just trying to figure it all out. My hands are affected by ABS as well. So doing every day tasks was already challenging for me, but to be limited in one hand makes it even harder. 

It would be so easy for me to make excuses right now, to skip my workouts, and wallow in self-pity. But instead I choose to focus on what my body can do. While I can’t work my arm, there is nothing wrong with my legs and core. 

Exercise helps me in so many ways. Below are a few examples. 

  1. It helps me to deal with the pain from ABS and the imbalances it causes in my body. 
  2. Cardio helps me to clear my mind and find new perspectives about situations bothering me. Sometimes just a good sweat makes all the difference in my mood. 
  3. Working out, even when I don’t feel like it, helps me to hone my self-discipline skills.
  4. Exercising makes me feel strong and helps me to gain mental strength. In the face of adversity, I want to keep going. I never want to master the skill of giving up, especially when life gets hard. 

Sometimes we just need to train our mind to look for the possibilities instead of the excuses. 

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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