How God Changed My Life

Before the Lord came into my heart I felt empty, as if nothing really mattered. My heart was always fearful, and I was afraid to go to sleep each night. Knowing that my heart didn’t belong to God made me sad. The emptiness, fear, and sadness never went away. It lingered in my mind always. 

My heart is filled with an amazing peace and love. Even if death came to me now, I know that it would be a happy exchange. God would transform me in a moment and a twinkling of an eye, and I will live with Him forever. God’s love gives my life purpose and meaning. My soul is satisfied, and joyful. 

Giving my heart to the Lord was the best decision that I’ve ever made. I’ve never regretted choosing Him as my Savior. He loves me unconditionally, protects me, leads me, guides me, and always helps me through the hard times. 

When I feel His presence nothing else matters. It is a joy that is better felt than told. He died for us. So I want to spend my life living for Him. I could never repay Him for the beautiful gift that He has given me. Even though I can’t repay Him, I still want to show Him my gratitude and love. Sometimes we just need to stop and think about what our salvation means to us personally.  

What does it mean to you?

Love and blessings, 


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