How do you have a relationship with God and get closer to Him?

I received this question recently, so I wanted to write about it. I remember wanting my own relationship with God and not knowing how to get it. I wanted someone to sit down with me and say, okay, here is what you need to do. So, I’m doing that for you. 

The first step is to be saved. Without salvation, we can’t fully connect with God. When we get saved, we invite Him into our hearts. He is in us, and we feel Him. This is a deeply personal journey, unique to each of us, and it’s a testament to how much God values and cherishes you in your individual relationship with Him. 

When my children were young, they asked me how they would recognize God’s voice. I told them that his voice was more of a feeling than an audible voice. It’s a personal understanding that each of us can experience uniquely, a feeling that is undeniable and true. 

To develop a deeper relationship with God, we need to desire it. It’s not something we should do, but something we truly want. We can’t fool God. He knows if we desire a relationship with Him or not. 

Then, we must spend time together. God wants to hear from us. He wants us to pray. And make an effort to communicate with Him. 

Have you ever felt the desire to pray? That desire is an immediate and urgent invitation from God. He wants to talk to you right then, so responding without delay is important. I had put it off before and thought I’d pray later, but the feeling and invitation were gone when I was ready. 

God wants us to make Him a priority, not an afterthought. This decision profoundly impacts our relationship with Him, emphasizing His importance in our lives. 

We can’t pray only when we are in trouble. It’s not a real relationship if we expect God to always give to us and never desire to provide him with anything. It takes real effort and obedience to get closer to God. 

It also takes patience and honesty. Learning to be honest with God helped me so much. God can handle our thoughts. He understands us on a level that no one else can. My prayers are unscripted and my own words. I talk to God like I would my best friend. That’s when I truly connect with Him. 

I went to church for years but didn’t have a relationship with God outside the church building. I loved God, but I didn’t make time for Him. I didn’t read my Bible or pray unless I was in trouble. Then, when my life felt like crashing on top of me, I found time to pray. But, even then, my prayers were selfish. It was all about me. 

Now, I have coffee with God as soon as I wake up. It’s important for me to give Him the first minutes of my day. I drink my coffee, read His word, pray, and journal. God is my first conversation of the day. Talking to God before anyone else grounds me, encourages me, and comforts me. I imagine Him waiting on me each morning. So I get my coffee, Bible, and journal and meet with Him. It’s my favorite part of the day. 

I want to have an exceptional relationship with God. Therefore, I work on it daily. I ask for His guidance and do my best to follow Him. 

I hope this helps you, sweet friend! If you enjoyed it, please share it with someone else. 

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