Hope Beyond The Struggle

Receiving bad news can be devastating. At the time, it might seem that life will never be normal again. All we can see is the mountain before us, and when we are lying in the valley, afraid and heartbroken, the mountain seems so much bigger than it actually is. Our problem is often that we think we are alone and that we have to tackle the hardships on our own, but God is always there for us. 

We like to make things complicated because our knowledge is based on what we know and our abilities. So often we forget that all things are possible with God. I am so bad to put limitations on Him, but my God doesn’t have limitations. He is the Creator of the world, and He invented the miracle. 

God can take our heartaches, threatening to destroy us right now, and turn it into a blessing. He can even help us grow through our struggles. My illness and pain was actually a blessing. It forced me to evaluate my life and make life changing decisions. When my body started screaming in pain and developing symptoms it was telling me that something was wrong. While I could have silenced the pain with drugs, I wanted to fix the problem instead of covering it up. I knew if I continued doing the same things that I would continue to be sick. Changing my lifestyle, however, helped me to regain my health. 

No situation is hopeless. God has grace for our every need. When we turn to Him for guidance, He will help us get through our problems. While our bodies are capable of getting sick, they are also able to heal. God can also mend our broken hearts. We just have to give Him our troubles and ask Him to help us through them. Although we might not always like His guidance, because it can be things that we don’t want to do or it can seem so simple, we just need to remember that His ways are always best. He will help us if we just listen and trust Him.

Love and blessings,


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