Having favor with God

God doesn’t make deals. When we go to Him trying to work things out and offering Him certain things if He will just answer our prayers, then it doesn’t work out. All God wants is for us to be honest with Him. We have to approach Him with an honest heart and tell Him about our heartaches. Then, we just need to allow Him to be God and do whatever He tells us to do.
I can tell God that if He will only answer this prayer for me that I will do anything. But He knows the truth. God knows the moment He answers our prayer that the majority of us will fail to even praise Him. God makes things so easy that we often overlook His presence.
When I go to Him with my face to the ground, with tears rolling from eyes, truly desiring His help, then He will help me. God listens to us when we are humble and obedient. That’s all He will accept. Everything else is just trying to manipulate Him.
But oh how I love it when He answers prayers for me. I love that moment when I just know that my Lord stepped in on my behalf, and made the impossible possible. Every time He answers my prayers, I feel so loved by Him. If He doesn’t answer my prayer, then I know the time wasn’t right or He has something better for me.
Having a real relationship with God is so wonderful. It is such a blessing to have favor with Him and get to pray to Him and to praise Him. And to be blessed by Him.
Photo by David Kovalenko on Unsplash
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