Happy New You!

I will tell you a little secret I’ve learned that has truly changed my life: Happiness is an inside job. And the secret to happiness is GRATITUDE.

In all reality, nothing in our lives has to change to be happy. We don’t need anything new or outside of ourselves. But we do need to feel immense gratitude for everything in our lives. My life feels amazing when I can find genuine pleasure in small things scattered throughout my day.

God taught me this years ago. As I sat in a puddle of tears, complaining about the unfairness of my life and all the things Amniotic Band Syndrome took from me, God showed me the beautiful gift of my life. Some babies die when the bands attack and never get to experience the beauty of life. Some never get to meet their parents or siblings or even take a breath.

Realizing that I could have died, but God spared me changed my life. I’m alive to love and be loved. Every day is a tremendous blessing if we look at it right. So, I want to enjoy it, stop complaining about what is lacking, and start appreciating what I have.

I mean really appreciate my life!!!

Every day, God sprinkles abundant blessings throughout my day. And most of the time, I don’t even thank Him. I open my eyes most mornings without enjoying the blessing of another day. I turn on my lights without even valuing the importance of it. Somewhere along the way, I have gotten so much that I’ve come to expect it instead of appreciating it.

Sitting here in my office, the enormity of it all breaks my heart. I don’t want to feel entitled to blessings, but I want to feel complete and total gratitude for them. Every day, I want to thank God in my heart for all that He does for me.

Before I ask God for more, I want to make sure that I thank Him and enjoy what I have. I want to ENJOY this year as I have never enjoyed my life before and become my absolute best self.

Happy New Year, sweet friends! I HOPE this is your BEST year ever and you become your best self, too. <3

Photo by Crazy nana on Unsplash
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