Half Way There: 15/30

Sometimes we need to take a chance and do the unexpected, in order to prove to ourselves that it’s possible. When I first received my new workout package, I was a little disappointed that the calendar was 30 scheduled workouts—with no rest day. Even though I have regularly exercised for years, I have never done so for 30 days in a row. Immediately, my mind started making excuses. Because we always believe that it is impossible, until we do it. 
Today, I am half way there.

For the first week, my mind constantly searched for a reason to skip a day. But once I reached the 7 day mark, it has become easier to convince myself that I can do it. This workout program has been especially challenging for me because it is targeting my weakness and strengthening the areas that I have so much trouble with. My doctor thinks that it may really help me in the long run.

Anytime we try to change something about ourselves, it is hard. Not only do we have to push our bodies to do more, but we also have to push our minds. Our enemy would love to keep us in a place of pain and unhappiness. He delights in our suffering. But when we break through his barriers and do the unexpected, we set up a stone of remembering for ourselves. Then, the next time that he arrives in our lives and tells us that we can’t do something, we can remember our previous victory with the Lord and how He helped us to overcome our negative thoughts and our enemy. 

The only way to grow, physically, emotionally, and spiritually is constantly push ourselves beyond our comfort zone and to embrace the challenges in our lives. When I do my own challenges, it helps me to develop the strength that I will need for future battles. Every day I am training for my life. Every time that I push myself to my preconceived limits, and then overcome them, I am teaching myself not to give up when life gets tough. And I love how I feel when it’s over. 

Love and blessings, 


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