Gratitude nourishes our soul

If we want to find happiness in our lives, then we need to practice gratitude. Gratitude nourishes our soul. It shifts our minds from a place of worry and lack to a place of abundance and joy. When I go for a walk, I thank God for as many things as I can think of. It’s kind of like a game. The more that I thank Him, the more that I can find to thank Him for.

Being surrounded by God’s nature is such a gift. I love to watch the clouds move and to be aware of all the little movements of nature. It makes me feel so close to God. When I take in the beautiful portraits that He paints in the sky every day, I am so thankful for the sight to be able to see such beauty. As the little bird’s chirp, I am thankful for the ability to hear them. Just being able to walk and talk to Him is such a blessing in my life. For years, I was barely able to walk.

God loves a grateful heart. When we slow down and just notice all the beautiful things around us each day, then we can change our state. We can become joyful—despite our circumstances. It’s about shifting our minds to what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t yet have.

In any moment, we can find something to be grateful for. We just need to look for it. Gratitude is one of the things that has helped me through the truly difficult moments of my life. Choosing to be grateful, even when times are tough, is one of the ways that we can defeat our enemy. While he lists all of our problems, we can silence him with our blessings. Our troubles are temporary, but the blessing of our salvation is eternal.


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