God’s will

It is God. He is the director of my life. Most of the time, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to write words to help other people. I don’t know how to raise my children. I don’t even know how to help myself—not to mention anyone else. Sometimes, however, when I put my thoughts and feelings aside and when I allow the spirit of the Lord to guide me, then God blesses me to write something beautiful or to do exactly what I need to do.
I love it when He moves. The tears flow from my heart as the words suddenly appear. God always knows exactly what I need—when I need it. Those thoughts and words bless my soul. Sometimes they pour out of me. I can barely type fast enough or see the screen for the tears. It doesn’t always happen this way, oh but when it does. It is those beautiful moments with my Lord that brings me to this same spot, to try again and again.
Nothing compares to the precious feeling of God’s sweet spirit. I love it when He stirs my soul. It makes me feel so much joy that my soul sings and rejoices. And it always takes me back to His amazing love. I wish that I could share it with everyone. When I allow God’s spirit to lead me and to guide me, then love is the center of my day. It makes everything better. I don’t get mad at other people or judge them because I am too busy loving them.
Every day I desire to walk in God’s amazing love and to share as much of it as I can with others, and even myself. We don’t have to live in misery. All we have to do is choose God’s love each day. When we choose to be a beacon of light for Him and to love as He has commanded us to love, then our world will be better. Honestly, when I am walking in God’s love, then I don’t see all the bad. My mind is focused on the good and how I can serve and love all of God’s children.
Today let’s not let the news discourage us. Let’s let God’s word encourage us. God is always stronger than the enemy. His love is the cure for suffering in this world. Let’s give it freely to anyone and everyone we meet today. We don’t know the burdens of anyone else’s heart. We don’t know the troubled soul who is about to give up on life. We don’t know the broken heart who needs encouragement. But God does. Let’s allow Him to use us today for His will.
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