God will fight for you

What a blessing it is to know that God will fight for us. God knew us before we were even born. His love for us is pure and strong. Nothing can defeat our God, nor destroy us. To destroy us, the enemy would have to defeat God, and that is not possible. Nothing can separate us from Him.

So often we focus our eyes upon the evil. We give more power to Satan than he deserves. Today, instead of focusing on the bad let’s focus on the power and greatness of God. I want Him to be the most important part of my life. I want to have complete and total faith in my Lord. I want to seek Him with my whole heart and allow Him to lead me and guide me through each step of my life. I want to be so close to Him that His marvelous light shines out of me. I want to be kind, tenderhearted, and loving to everyone that I meet.

As the enemy troubles the waters in my life and the storms rage, I want to remember who controls the storm. Even the winds obey God. It is such a blessing to know Him.

Recently, I met a man who was troubled without any hope in God. It broke my heart to talk to him and to hear his views on life. While I can’t personally help him, I can ask the Lord to help him. I would love for this man to feel the joy of God in his heart.

Sometimes we think that we are too small to make a difference. We believe the lies of our enemy and think certain situations are hopeless. But there is power in prayer. God hears our pleas. We just need to take them to Him. When we do our part, then God will do His part.

Our God is mighty. He has grace for our every need. There isn’t a mountain that He can’t move. Today, let’s walk in that truth.


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