God Provides

We always believe that it is impossible, until we do it. When the thought first came to me to blog every day, I initially dismissed the thought. In my mind, it was impossible. How in the world would I be able to find the time to sit down and write every day? What would I write about?

The negative thoughts prevented me from even trying for months. Then one day, my heart was burdened with the desire to at least try. So I stepped out in faith—not knowing what would happen. Turns out that God had a plan all along. Every day that I’ve sat down to write, He has blessed me with a thought. 

Today makes 60 consecutive days that I have blogged. Note to self: Never doubt the power of the Lord. If He puts on your heart, then he will give you the resources to see it through. While the extra time didn’t magically appear for me, I was able to figure it out. I have learned to get up at 5 a.m., even on Sundays, so I would have the time to write. 

I quickly learned, if it is important to me I will find a way to do it. If not, I will find an excuse. This morning, I even woke up on my own—with no alarm clock. And I truly enjoy my early mornings writing and talking to my Lord. 

Today I am thankful for the nudge God gave me to start this daily routine. I am grateful for every thought and every word that I’ve been able to write. My Lord is teaching me discipline and how to develop better habits, and I’m so thankful that He takes time to work with me. 

Isn’t it sad that when He asks us to do something, so often we claim we don’t have enough time? But when we are scared, in trouble, hurting, etc., He is always there for us.  Something to think about. 

Love and blessings, 


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