God loves us all

If you are different in some way and feel as if you will never have a happy life, let me take a moment to encourage you. Honestly, I don’t feel as if anything in my life is missing. Even if my scars were removed, I don’t think that my life could be any better than it is right now.

Living with scars has taught me that I don’t need the approval of society. The love and acceptance that I need are within me. Everything that we need to have a happy life is inside of us. God loves us. He accepts our every flaw. We don’t have to be something different for Him to love us. God loves each and every one of us—just as we are. We have a place in Heaven and a spiritual family who loves us conditionally. As we walk through our daily life, we need to radiate His loving energy to everyone that we meet.

It breaks my heart that anyone would be treated badly by others because they are different in some way. We are all beautiful flawed. Therefore, we should treat everyone we meet with love and compassion. Everyone—not just the people that we deem worthy.

Yesterday, I had a man approach me and ask me to buy him some food. Since I was going into a different store, I didn’t want to reroute my shopping trip. So I gave him some money. My son asked me later if I thought that he bought food with the money or something else. I have learned that it doesn’t really matter. He asked me to buy him some food. I had the money to help him. So, I did. I gave out of love for my fellow man. What he does with the gift is up to him. It’s not up to me to judge someone else for their actions. That is God’s business. And I felt the Lord as I offered him the money. Normally, I don’t share what I give, but this story was on my heart to share this morning.

Anytime that we have an opportunity to show someone else love, then we should take it. I want to be a light in a world with darkness. Not because I am good, but because my God is good. We are His body on this Earth to do His work. And in God’s eyes we all matter. He doesn’t turn away from us because we are different or make bad choices. God loves us all unconditionally. And that is how I desire to love others.


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