God gives us what we need

One morning, while waiting for my coffee to brew, God gave me a thought. He reminded me of a prayer that I had prayed many years ago. I wanted it answered a certain way, but God answered it differently. At the time, I couldn’t understand why God didn’t answer my prayer the way I wanted Him to answer. Now I understand. Even though it broke my heart then, God did what was best for me. And I love that He showed me this situation so I could understand another degree of His love for me.

All we can see is what is right in front of us. We can’t see the whole picture. Nor know what anyone else is thinking or feeling. The Lord is our Shepherd, and I’m so grateful that He leads me. If we only knew all the times God protected us from harm, we would be amazed. How often does He prevent us from going a certain way or slow us down to protect us?

God is always watching out for us. Sometimes, however, we ignore the warning signs. Even when we feel uneasy, we still choose to do it anyway. This is when we get into trouble.

We need to learn to listen for the still, small voice of the Lord and heed His wisdom. God knows what has happened in the past, what is happening in the present moment, and what will happen in the future. How can we argue with His wisdom? And yet, we do.

Our lives would all be better if we talked to God more and listened for His still, small voice to lead and guide us. God knows our situation. He knows exactly how to help us. Most of the time, however, instead of heeding His wisdom, we ignore it and do what we want to do. Then, we wonder why God allowed it to happen to us.

We cause so much of our own pain with our actions. Because we don’t trust God, his ways are usually the exact opposite of what we want to do. God’s ways are easy, and we think it needs to be hard. So we search for the hard thing and end up making our life harder than it needs to be.

When my doctor mentioned the gluten-free diet to me, I dismissed it. It didn’t make sense, even though I felt a little tug at my heart. So, I ignored it and suffered for another year. The next time it came up, I was ready to try it. And it worked for me.

God knows what we need. We need to ask Him what He wants us to do and then do it. God doesn’t force us to do anything. He gives us the freedom to choose. I have found when I don’t like a certain part of my life, then I know I need to make better choices.

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