Forgive and love

We all make mistakes.

I know how it feels to lie in bed at night and replay the event repeatedly. Each time wishing I could have said or done something differently. Or perhaps wishing I hadn’t said anything at all. The Lord only knows when I have opened my mouth and allowed my enemy’s words to flow out.

During these times, I can allow the shame and guilt of it all to bury me underneath piles of words I wish I would have said instead, or I can give myself some grace.

Jesus shed His precious blood to cover me in times of wrongdoing and deep disappointments. I am a sinner. My flesh messes up, but that doesn’t mean I am bad.

When I take my regrets, sins, and heartaches to Jesus, He covers each with His precious blood and extends His unconditional love to me.
Jesus doesn’t shame me for sinning. He forgives me. And sometimes, as I sob in His arms, He reminds me to forgive myself.

I will never reach perfection. As long as I live, I will mess up. But my sweet Jesus has grace for my every need. So I rest in His amazing love because nothing can separate me from God.

I also want to extend this same love and grace to others. We are all battling the same enemy, and it’s not each other. We display God’s love when we choose to love and forgive amid bad choices, disappointments, misunderstandings, and deep heartache.

When I struggle to forgive others, I like to think about everything Jesus forgives me for. My sins are many, but Jesus never stops loving me. His blood never stops covering me. So when I see the faults of others, I want to choose to love them anyway, just like Jesus does me. When we hold onto the pain and use it against others, the enemy wins, but when we choose LOVE, we defeat the enemy.

Photo by Christopher Stites on Unsplash

Have a beautiful day!

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