Enjoying the moments

One of the greatest things that I have learned recently is to how to enjoy the little moments. Every day is a new beginning. This brand new day is filled with possibilities and it’s ours. We can use this beautiful day however that we want to use it.
I love to watch the sunrise or sunset. It is a beautiful process. The little birds are so joyful. They sing and create such harmony. I love to walk and just take it all in. The process of walking helps my body and the stillness of the morning revives my soul. It prepares me for the day. If I have my coffee with God, and then go for a walk, I am calmer all day. I can better handle the stressors of life because I am centered.
Recently, we built a garden area with a fire pit. I love to build a fire at night and sit with my family. It is so peaceful and the time around the fire is precious. We talk and laugh and just enjoy being together.
Every day I look for moments to appreciate and to enjoy. Sometimes the little moments can bring us the greatest joy. I am learning to slow down and appreciate the moment I am in right now. For so many years, I wished my life away. I was always looking to the next moment, without enjoying the one I am in. But this moment will never come again. So I am learning to enjoy it all. Every day God gives us an abundance of gifts. I believe it pleases Him when we are grateful for them.
Photo by HongSang Lee on Unsplash
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