Enjoy the journey

How often do we put our happiness off for another time? We tell ourselves that if only this thing would happen, I would finally be happy. But we barely pause long enough to celebrate our victory when the event happens. We must slow down and enjoy the journey because we always reach for something else, which is great.

I have found that if I truly want to live in joy every day, then I need to live in gratitude. I can grow and prosper along my journey When I can be grateful for each moment, even the difficult ones. If I only wait for the big moments to enjoy my life, I will live a life of sorrow. Therefore, if I learn to be grateful for the little things in my life, I will always have joy.

So often, we survive our days without appreciating them. We eat things that we never even taste because our thoughts are on our worries, and then we want more because we were distracted and missed the moment. The same is true for shopping. We have a need to buy things but then never even appreciate them or enjoy them.

The way to overcome this type of drifting is to be aware of the present moment. In the morning, I love to enjoy my coffee. I don’t rush through it. I taste it and savor it. I used to procrastinate and hate the writing process. Then one day, I decided to embrace it. Now, I love to write. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Our enemy wants us to complain about our lives and our blessings. He wants us to get stuck in a cycle of pain, even when our blessings greatly exceed our heartaches. While he can try to distract us and cause us grief, he cannot make us do or feel anything. We get to decide how we will think and feel in any situation. Sometimes all we need to do to change our situation is change our thoughts. When I have something bothering me, I like to write it down and look at it. And then ask me these questions.

Is it true?

Does my thought align with God’s word?

Once I identify the problem, I can ask God to help me overcome it. The more I do this, the more I see the devil puts many problems in my mind. But God can help me to overcome each one.

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