Embrace the blessing of change

Things change in our lives. Regardless of how we would love to keep things just as they are right now, the truth is that some things are changing as we speak. We can spend all our time wishing things were different and living in the past of how things used to be, or we can surrender to the present moment’s reality.

When I had my surgery to get a thumb, it completely changed my left hand’s function. At first, it was so incredibly frustrating for me. My mind continued trying to do things as I once did, which upset me when it didn’t work.

After several weeks of fighting against it, I realized that I had to let go of what was to accept what is. As long as I held onto the ways and pain of the past, I couldn’t fully open myself up to the new blessings God had for me.

Sometimes, we fight God’s will for us and His ways. We would rather hold onto the familiar pain than change. The process of growing and changing is challenging. But so is staying the same.

Therefore, I need to remember when the growing pain feels extremely hard, God knows what is best for me. He knew the thumb would help me. It eliminated so much of my pain every day. But I endured months of extreme pain to get to the blessing. I had to surrender my vision and expectations for God’s will.

I only wanted a thumb, and God gave me so much more. Using my left hand helped my body heal and answered my prayer. I had accepted that I would live in pain daily, but thank the Lord, that wasn’t God’s will.

Photo by Tolga Ulkan on Unsplash
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