Do you pray bold, specific prayers?

Do you pray bold, specific prayers? So specific that you will know, without any doubt, that God answered your prayer when it happened. And so bold that you know there’s no possible way it could happen without God. That’s how I love to pray. Anything less cheats God and me.

This morning, I thought, I NEED to pray like I’m talking to the Creator of the Universe with all power and wisdom. I NEED to pray with complete FAITH that my Lord can handle my every problem. I NEED to stop giving the Lord my watered-down prayers and pray for what I really want.
I NEED to pray for the deepest desires of my soul.

The enemy is raging. He is trying His best to defeat us every day. But we have a superpower. We have Jesus. Therefore, I want to stand firm in my beliefs and fight the enemy with prayer.

When I read the Bible, the people who did well prayed for guidance, obeyed God, and stood in their faith. That’s how I want to be. I KNOW THERE IS GREAT POWER IN PRAYER.

I can see the process as I visit previous battles with my Lord. When we desire something greatly, we need to pray. Once we connect with the Lord, we need to praise Him for answering our prayers even before they occur.

My niece, Aubrey, showed me this truth when she was just a few years old. She kneeled beside me one Sunday and asked God to give her a baby brother or sister. After that, she changed her prayer. The following Sunday, she thanked God for her baby. And so the process went on until the sweet baby was born.

God showed me through her that it’s okay to ask for the desires of our hearts and souls. I don’t believe we will truly desire it if it’s not God’s will. We might want it, sure. But a genuine desire is so much more powerful. It touches the deepest places of us.

So often, the enemy defeats me before I even ask the Lord. He tells me it is impossible. Because it’s hard to ask for something we don’t believe we are worthy to receive. But when I sit with the Lord and start pouring my heart out to Him and telling Him what I desire in the deepest places of me, then He figures out the way. My job is to ask Him, believe it’s possible, and then thank Him for blessing.

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash

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