Do You Need A Speaker For An Event?

Speaking is one of the most terrifying and most rewarding things that I do. Before the event, I am usually nervous, but once I see and connect with the audience, then I relax and share my story. Seeing the reactions from the audience inspires me. To offer someone else hope, through my struggles and hardships, is one of my greatest blessings from God. It brings joy into my heart. 

 From my media kit:

It is Candida’s goal to educate, encourage, and inspire others. She is available to speak at your event on any of the topics listed. She can customize her speech to your specific needs and audience. 

Time: 3o minutes to 1 hour
Price: Contact Candida for pricing information and availability at

Speaking Topics
  • Understanding and Celebrating Differences— Candida addresses her scars caused by Amniotic Band Syndrome and her viewpoint on life. She makes sure the kids understand that she survived the trauma and is alive to love and to be loved. She never allows her condition to become pitied or viewed as anything but a blessing.
  • Bullying— Candida knows the effects and turmoil bullying causes. She has lived it and overcome it. She reinforces positive behavior when it comes to any type of bad situations. She encourages the children to fight bullying with kindness. Candida explains to the kids that the ones, who treat us the worst in life, need our kindness the most.  
  • Making a Difference— Candida always encourages the children to strive to make their world a better place. She promotes working hard, helping others, and the benefits of a smile. 
  • Overcoming Circumstances—Candida shares some of her struggles and as well her secrets to overcoming hardships. She offers tips and hope for beating the odds. 
  • Literacy Encouragement—Candida highlights the gifts of reading. She points out the benefits and rallies to get the kids excited about books.
  • Positive Thinking—Candida discusses the power of positive thinking. She uses examples and shows how important it is to train our minds to think for success. 
  • Becoming a Survivor—Candida addresses the fact that bad things do happen to us sometimes, but she uses her life story to teach others how to transform from a victim to a survivor.

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