Do you listen to the enemy or resist him?

The majority of my thoughts come from the enemy. Especially the ones that tell me I’m not good enough and bring up painful memories of the past, already forgiven. Satan wants me to spiral into anxious thoughts. As long as he can keep me busy with my thoughts, then I’m distracted and at his mercy. I don’t create or show up as my best self when distracted. 

I worry. 

I feel pain. 

I have negative thoughts about others. 

I feel like a victim. 

But I can escape his attack by resisting the urge to think. I can sing praises of worship. Recall scripture. Pray. Rebuke the lies with the truth. Or sit in the stillness and breathe. 

The Bible tells us that he will feel from us if we resist the enemy. I’m so thankful for this promise. So many of my hardships are not caused by my circumstances but rather by what I think about my circumstances. 

We feel what we think. So, I want to think of good, pure, truthful promises of my Lord. 

Photo by Dimitri Tyan on Unsplash
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