Do you have a relationship with God?

My daddy can paint the most beautiful image of God. When He talks about the Lord, you want to stop, listen, and soak it all in. I remember my daddy telling me one day that the Lord had never let him down in all his years. That day, I desired to have the same relationship with God as my daddy.

At that point in my life, I felt like the Lord constantly let me down. I asked for things, but He never answered me. He allowed bad things to happen to me and my family. And I didn’t hear Him.

But oh, how I wanted to. I wanted an amazing relationship with my Lord, but I was afraid. I attended church, listened to my daddy preach, and participated in the service. But, when I went out the doors on Sunday, I didn’t think about the Lord until the next Sunday. I didn’t pray unless something was wrong, nor did I read my Bible. And when God gave me a little nudge to pray or sit on my deck, I was afraid, so I ignored Him.

I didn’t know what would happen if I opened my door and went outside to sit on my deck when He urged me to do it. One day, however, I opened my door with trembling hands and stepped outside. Immediately, I felt Him. Instead of fear, I felt peace, as if I had been waiting for that moment my whole life.

I talked to Him like I would my best friend. I told God about my troubles and then asked for guidance. It amazed me how He would answer me. Sometimes, I would see the leaves on the trees moving without feeling the wind. These moments became my favorite part of the day. And with each visit, the Lord became more and more precious to me.

Now, I have my own experiences with God. I’ve walked through the valleys with Him and felt His peace in my storms. I’ve also had the most amazing moments with Him on the mountain. He had held and rocked me to sleep when my heart was overwhelmed with pain. And He had just sat with me when I was going through the most painful moments of my life.

Friends, I wouldn’t take anything in this world for my relationship with my Lord. I’m so thankful that I desired to know Him. Now, I can say that He has never let me down either. I’ve let myself down plenty by how I’ve chosen to live my life at times. God doesn’t bless sin. Therefore, we can’t do wrong and ask God to bless us. And I’m so thankful that He doesn’t bless my sin. He loves me too much to allow me to go in the wrong direction.

Today, I encourage you to desire your relationship with God. The first step is the desire. Then, answer when the Lord calls you. He will lead and guide you and show you how to have a beautiful relationship with Him. It is a priceless gift.

Photo by Autumn Mott Rodeheaver on Unsplash

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