Do you have a morning routine?

This week, I discovered the importance of a morning routine. When I wake up with intention and take the time to center myself in the Lord, then it sets the course for my whole day. Instead of just reacting to life all day, I am intentional about how I want to live.

First, I have my coffee with God. I read and meditate on the scriptures. Then, I journal for a moment about what I have read and then write in my gratitude journal. Next, I stretch or do some type of exercise. My body is usually stiff when I first get up and this helps to loosen it up. I also do some deep breathing and relax for a moment. This helps me to clear my thoughts and center myself on God. And it helps me to pray.

After all these steps, I sit down to write. I have a writing playlist that I listen to each day. My writing session always starts with the same song. When I’m writing no one else is up. My husband has already gone to work and my kids are still asleep. While the house is quiet I can get in the zone and write so much better. After I finish my blog, I post it to Facebook and my website. Then, I get ready for the day. I listen to audiobooks or podcasts. I love to fill my mind with encouragement before I head out the door. Finally, I do a live video and share something positive with the world.

We don’t know who we will encounter throughout our day or the circumstances. But God does. Therefore, when we seek Him first, then He will help us to deal with whatever comes up. This is my favorite way to start my day.

Do you have a morning routine?


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