Do you ever wonder what Heaven will be like?

Sometimes, when I see the sunbeams shining out of the clouds, it makes me think of the wonder and beauty of Heaven. Honestly, my mind can’t even imagine a place with no pain, heartache, or suffering of any kind. When we reach Heaven, God’s love, joy, and peace will surround us for all Eternity.

I am so thankful that I didn’t allow the enemy to steal Heaven from me. He tried. When God gave me the invitation to be saved, the enemy was right there trying to talk me out of it. Taking a step toward my Lord was my best step ever. God took away my sins and replaced them with His love. My heart overflowed with His amazing love. I felt so free and peaceful and loved. I can’t even explain how wonderful it all felt.

My sins had been weighing me down. Every day, I had to carry them around. Then, when I got saved, Jesus carried them for me, and His blood covered them all. He is my best friend. He walks with me, talks to me, and helps me.

Sweet friends, my heart longs for you to know Him too. When He gives you the invitation to be saved, I pray that you will accept all the wonderful blessings He has just for you. It will change your life in so many beautiful ways.

Photo by Erik van Dijk on Unsplash
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