Do you believe that things can get better?

As I was getting ready this morning, I thought back to the darkest moments of my life, and what helped me to climb out of the hole of depression I found myself in. During the darkest times, God gave me a little spark of hope. He showed me a better day of life where I wrote books, shared my story, and truly helped others. In my lowest moments, God came to me and encouraged me that things would get better. 

Hope: to expect with confidence.

Oh, how I LOVE this definition of hope. I had two choices once God showed me that things could get better. I could either believe Him and fight with everything inside of me to make it happen or ignore Him and accept defeat. 

I can never describe what that hope felt like to my troubled heart. It was like a lifeline to someone drowning in sorrow. 

The possibility that things could improve helped me persevere through the obstacles, pain, and disappointments. Some days, it got better, and some days, it felt worse. But regardless of what happened each day, I went to sleep each night with the hope of a better day tucked in the deepest place of my heart and mind. 

As long as I could find the tiniest glimmer of hope, I could endure the pain, challenges, and disappointments. 

We can believe the naysayers, the enemy, and every negative thought that enters our minds, or we can believe that God is good and wants what is best for us. Sometimes, we must endure the pain to uncover the gift of who He created us to be. 

Enduring the pain is not easy. Especially when the enemy constantly chatters in our minds. He often stands on the sidelines and encourages us to quit. He spews lies, and it is so easy to believe them in a vulnerable state. 

But I’d like to give you some truths I have learned. 

  1. God is good.
  2. God loves us.
  3. God has a plan. 
  4. God can comfort our deepest heartaches. 
  5. God can help us overcome every challenge of this world. 
  6. God is the way.
  7. God is the truth.
  8. God is life.
  9. God can work it all out for good.
  10. God has everything we need. 

The enemy wants us to feel alone to endure our hardships, but that’s not true. God is always with us. He is one faith call away. We need to seek Him wholeheartedly when we feel overwhelmed, heartbroken, alone, scared, and with more grief than we can handle. God can comfort us like no one else. He can turn our heartaches into blessings. 

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash
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