Do you believe that God can turn your heartaches into blessings?

Writing about the pain and hardship can be a beautiful gift and testimony later. It shows us where we started but how God ended it. 

Recently, I read something I had written during one of my life’s worst trials and heartaches. I could feel the pain trapped in each word. Oh, how my heart ached during that time. I felt as if the pain would surely destroy me. 

I couldn’t see a solution. All I could see was a mountain in front of me that I didn’t have the strength to climb. I felt bloody and bruised from so many attacks of the enemy. He had me in his clutches, in a death grip, when the Lord intervened. 

God pulled him away from me, gave me the strength to get back up, and gave me new thoughts to consider. It’s incredible to me how a Godly perspective can change everything. It can take my defeat and turn it into HOPE. We can endure the pain as long as we hope for a better day. 

Without hope, we feel defeated, but with hope, we believe in the power of God declaring our victory in Jesus. 

When I first entered the trial, I felt so defeated by it. As I struggled to breathe with the overwhelming emotions bombarding me, I doubted that God could ever use the devastating, heartbreaking trial for anything good. 

But I am thankful as I sit here with so much gratitude that God used it all to profoundly change me. Through it all, God showed me what was important in life. So many of the things I thought were important turned out to be stumbling blocks for me. If I had stayed on that path, in that mindset, I could have never become the person to do this work with the Lord.

It took me hitting the bottom before I could fully see the Lord. When it hurts to breathe, and we can’t even focus our eyes because of the blur of tears, I’m so thankful that’s when God adjusts our focus and allows us to see Him. 

My goal and ultimate dream are to follow the Lord and only Him. I want to help as many people as I possibly can to the Lord. I want to be so aligned with God that my light shining inside can be seen on the outside. 

The day I accepted God’s unique gift of salvation, I also received a desire to help others. I am here in this world to be a witness to Him and tell others of His greatness. I want to love and help as many people as I can. 

I also feel a great responsibility to stand for the truth. I’m not a go-with-the-crowd person. I do my best to follow the Lord, even if I endure pain, rejection, and stand-alone. 

I know the danger of following others. When we find ourselves so deep in the darkness that we can’t see the light, no one is there to help us. No one can stand with us in our wrongdoings. It’s just us and God. 

So, that’s how I want to live. I want God to be my guide, best friend, mentor, and Father. I know that when I love Him and put Him above everything else, He will give me even more love to give to others. 

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