Did you know just the process of praying will make us feel better?

Are you in the trenches?

If you are, sweet friend, I want you to know that you are not alone. God is with you even when it feels as if you are alone. He sees our tears, hears our prayers, and knows that the timing is not right now.

But I know that doesn’t stop the pain. Even though I know God will deliver me from the hands of my enemy and make me stronger through the process, I still struggle at times to endure the pain. I want the blessing right now.

So what do I do when I cry out to God, and He doesn’t answer me? I ask Him again. And again. I pray without ceasing. Sometimes I ask for the initial prayer, and sometimes I ask for the guidance, strength, courage, and acceptance to wait because I can’t endure the hardships alone. I tell the Lord how I feel and ask Him to help me process it all and go through each tribulation in a way that pleases Him. And when the pain of it all seems too much, I ask Him again.

I don’t give up on my prayers. I keep asking until I get through to the Lord or until He gives me peace about my request.

Oh, the beautiful power of prayer. Knowing that I can talk to Jesus at any given time is one of the most beautiful gifts of my life. Jesus understands me. I can lay every heartache, thought, and emotion at His feet. With Jesus, I can be authentic. I don’t have to censor my words. He can take all of my thoughts, emotions, and heartaches. And each time I give them to Him, He helps me.

Did you know just the process of praying will make us feel better?

The enemy knows this truth as well. That’s why he tries to distract us. He knows our most significant power is in prayer. When we pray, we reach Jesus. While we might not be able to defeat Satan, Jesus can.

Regardless of my hardships, I’m thankful for my ability to pray. Sometimes all I can do is cry. But Jesus understands my tears. He knows the very desires of my heart. And when I connect to Him, anything is possible.

That’s what I want to remember.

Sometimes I need to remember who I am. I might be in the trenches, face down in the struggle, but my Lord is there with His arm wrapped around me. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, that He can’t help me with.

My pain is His pain. We are one. Nothing can separate me from His love.

So when the enemy tries to scare me to death and cause me to want to give up, I say one word, Jesus. When I cry out to Jesus, the enemy will flee.


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Have a beautiful day!

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