An ambassador for God

There is power in our words. We can either use them to give people hope and help them along their journey, or we can use them to hurt others and … Continue Reading →


Seek the Lord

Forgiveness is such a beautiful gift. We all sin, fail and come up short of the glory of God. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, then it brought … Continue Reading →


God is Love

The same love that held Jesus on the cross is in my heart. What a blessing it is to experience this great love. The sheer power of it can cause … Continue Reading →

Be Still

So often, my pain comes from thinking that I am alone in this life. When trouble strikes I think I have to fix the problem on my own. The problem … Continue Reading →


You are good enough

Of all the people who have been mean to me in my life, I have been the meanest to myself. I’ve stood in front of the mirror and tore myself … Continue Reading →