Breaking Old Patterns

Immediate results for any type of effort would be wonderful. We know, however, that it doesn’t always work that way. Actually, it very seldom works that way. 

I started my health and fitness journey in 2010. For the first few years, I dabbled in it. I ate a few salads, worked out occasionally, and wondered why I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. It took me years to figure out that consistency was my problem.

I soon realized that if I only put in minimal effort, then I was only going to get minimal progress. If I wanted more then I had to do more. So I started being more consistent with my workouts and nutrition and I started getting the results that I wanted. 

For me, the key to my consistency has been discovered in my habits. I probably wrote more words in October, November, and December than I did the rest of the year combined. Why? Because I made it a daily habit to write a blog every day. 

It’s just as hard to break old habits as it is to create new ones. It takes a daily, conscious effort. Right now I am trying to train my left hand to use my thumb while I type. Just after typing 200 words, it is already hurting and irritating. I have to make it an effort to do this every day. It would be so much easier to allow my right hand to do all the work. That is how I learned to type, therefore breaking this pattern is challenging. But I didn’t go through surgery and months of pain for nothing. If I continue to use my left hand, eventually it will become a habit.

Habits help us to achieve our goals. The better our habits, the better that our life can become. When we replace the habits that are not serving us with habits that will help us propel forward, then we are taking control of our life. 

Motivation encourages us to start. Discipline keeps us going. And habits help us to stay focused, consistent, and ultimately reach our goals.

Love and blessings, 


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