Be Still

So often, my pain comes from thinking that I am alone in this life. When trouble strikes I think I have to fix the problem on my own. The problem is not that I don’t have all the answers or know what to do. The problem is that I don’t turn to the Lord, and ask for His help.

If I ask with a humble heart, God will lead me and guide me. He has the answers. He knows exactly what I should do. God has ways to calm the storm. He has more power than we can even imagine. And, He wants to help us.

His help, however, doesn’t always show up in ways that we expect or even want. Most of the time, we just want Him to fix everything for us, but sometimes He wants to show us what we need to do. When we put forth an effort, God will bless our efforts.

My problem is that I don’t always put forth an effort to do my part. Then, I get upset at God for not doing His part. When we walk together, however, we can overcome any obstacle. God will give us everything that we need to overcome our hardships. Truthfully, the answer is already inside of us. We just need to search for it.

When I become still through meditation and prayer, then I can hear the voice of my Lord. He comforts me, encourages me, strengthens me, and gives me everything that I need. It is all through and by Him.

Taking the time to walk with Him each day has helped me so much. As I walk in silence, without music or distractions, I can truly hear. Sometimes I meditate on a Bible verse or a question. So many beautiful answers have come to me through my walking and journaling.

If you knew that the God of the whole universe would walk and talk with you, would you make an effort to spend time with Him each day? The possibility that He will meet with me has me making an effort each day. I want to know more about Him and how to live my life well.


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