Asking and trusting God to help us

The enemy wants us to hurry. If he can keep me busy or aggravated, I might miss my Lord’s still, small voice. So, he plans to make me feel completely overwhelmed. If I’m overwhelmed with a long list of daily to-do’s, I probably won’t pause long enough to pray and spend time with the Lord.

On my own, I can’t defeat the enemy. I don’t see him in all his disguises and tricks. But God does. Nothing gets by God. Therefore, we need Him to lead and guide us along this journey.

Walking with God is peaceful. If He brings us to something, He will see us through it. With God, we can’t fail.

He already knows how it will all work out. Therefore, we need to trust Him. If it’s God’s will, nothing can stop it from happening. If not, then we know He has something better for us.

In times of uncertainty, we must remember that God loves us. He works with us. When we join forces with His vision, it can be JOYFUL and even satisfying, especially when we surrender our desires for His will.

Regardless of our season, the key is to walk with the Lord. He can do more in one minute than we can do in a lifetime. Sometimes, we need to pause amid all the craziness and overwhelm and ask Him to help us. We can see His hand in it all when we look for God. God wants us to desire Him and want to work with Him.

If we could do it on our own, it wouldn’t be from God.

Photo by Ben Maguire on Unsplash
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