Are you waiting on God, or is God waiting on you?

It won’t be easy, sweet friends. Going after our dreams is often brutal. Sometimes it feels like the time in the fire will never end. 

This morning, I’m in tears even as I write this. I’m tired, I feel weak and worn and discouraged. As I lay in bed last night I realized I have been chasing this dream for 21 years. 

T W E N T Y- O N E  Y E A R S

While I feel discouraged at times, I also feel so grateful that I get to do this. When I see how God has molded me and strengthened me, I’m awed. So many trials, tears, and prayers along the way. 

I honestly can’t even count the number of times I have sat with the Lord, as the tears raced down my face and shared my pain, fears, and doubts with Him. 

And every time I walk away with a little more strength and determination to see this through. God put it on my heart. Last night He took me back to where it all started and the moment He gave me the gift to write and the dream to glorify Him and help others. 

But I resisted. I’m the reason it has taken so long. God told me to do little things and I ignored them. I didn’t think they were important. I was so focused on the big things and moments, that I missed the most important things. 

Sometimes, we think we are waiting on God, but in all reality, God is waiting on us to do what He’s already told us to do. 

Photo by Deborah Downes on Unsplash

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