Are You Living or Existing?

It is so easy to get stuck in the trap of mediocre, and go through the motions of life. How many times do we wake up uninspired and unmotivated? How many days a week, month, or year do we just hope to make it through the day? So often we choose to barely get by, when we could be living, loving, and dreaming. 

The Bible tells us that our life is like a vapor—here today, and then gone tomorrow. And yet, we often, grumble and complain and waste our precious time. 

I have caught myself many times asking the Lord to help me make it through the day. One day I caught the words as they left my mouth and wondered if that was really all I wanted for my life—to just make it through another day. But when I shifted my focus and changed my prayer, my life changed. I don’t want to just make it through my day. Every day I want to live, and live well. I want my day and my life to matter. Not only to me, but to others as well. 

When God blesses us with the gift of another day, we should offer it back to Him. We should ask Him how we can serve Him and others. And then set our intentions on making the most of each day. We don’t have to have a perfect life to enjoy it.

Every day we should do something that matters. And help as many people as we can. When we focus on others and how we can serve them that’s when we truly start living. Prayer, kindness, sharing our testimonies, and showing our love to someone else is the recipe for a wonderful day. 

Today is a gift. Enjoy it. 

Happy Monday!


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