Are You a Worrier?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, worry means to think about problems or fears: to feel or show fear and concern because you think that something bad has happened or could happen. 

Does this sound familiar? It is something I have to work on. 

We have all experienced some type of worry as an adult or as a child. Anxiety used to rule my life. I used to worry about everything and my mind was a constant state of uneasiness. I dwelled on my problems, the problems I might have one day, and the problems I had already experienced. This constant state of stress took a toll on my body and stole my peace. 

Until one day, I became so tired of always being fearful, and I asked God to help me. I knew that it would take more than the desire to change. In order to create lasting change, I knew that I needed a new mind-set. 

The Bible is filled with examples of faith. Since the beginning of time, God has taken care of His people. His love for Noah, Moses, Abraham, Daniel, etc. is no greater than His love for us. When we read their stories in the Bible, then we can see how God delivered them out of their troubles. He will do the same for us.  We need to seek Him and allow Him to guide us. 

Faith and worry cannot coexist. We have to believe that God will do what is best for us in all situations. While we may not like what we have to endure, God has a reason, and it is always for our own good. When we can develop this complete faith in Him, then our lives will be filled with peace. And we will be able to praise Him through the storms. 

Sometimes it is so hard. We don’t always like or understand what happens to us or our loved ones. But we have to trust God. In order to live a peaceful life, we need His love, guidance, and peace. In difficult times, we need to take our problems, fears, faults, and failures to our Lord. We need to seek His guidance and strength. We need to train our mind to look for the best in everything and everyone. 

The more we walk with the Lord, the stronger our faith will become. We need to learn to recognize His presence and open our minds to His goodness. He takes care of us in some way, every single day, but so often we are so focused on the bad things happening around us that we fail to see His mighty protection covering us. 

Here is a few ways that I welcome more peace into my life every day:

  1. Start the day with my Lord. Read my Bible and pray. 
  2. Do not watch the news or open my social media accounts until I have spent some time with God. I want His peace to fill my soul.  
  3. Think about all the ways that He takes care of me. Write down my blessings and express gratitude for all the things going great in my life. 
The next time you experience a hardship write about it. Write about your feelings, troubles, and fears. And then write about the outcome. Open your mind to how God works out your problems. 

We need to remember, when the devil is working in our lives and giving us a hard time, that our God spoke the world into existence. Since He is the Creator of all things, He knows how to help us always. Trust Him. Seek Him. And allow Him to guide you, through good times and bad. 

Have a wonderful day!


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