Allowing God To Guide Us

We don’t always see all the pieces to the puzzle of our life. Even what we can see, in our current moment, is often distorted by our fears and our perspective. It’s hard with our feelings and experience to view something beyond our beliefs. 

God, however, knows it all. He knows what we need, when we need it. In order to reach our full potential, we have to trust Him. 

If someone had told me few years ago that I would be a Beachbody Coach, and my job would be to help other people adapt to a healthier lifestyle, I would have laughed. At one time, I ate fast food two times a day and ate junk food the rest of the time. I didn’t exercise and I weighed less than what I do now. But I was anything but healthy. I will never forget the day that I sat in an exam room and was told by my doctor at the time that nothing could be done for me and he would make me comfortable with pain medication. I remember leaving his office numb and hopeless. Not once did he mention my nutrition or tell me to exercise. 

When I got home, I crawled in the bed and pulled the covers over my head. I cried and asked God to help me. And He did. 

God didn’t just speak healing into my body, but rather he told me what I needed to do. He guided me through the process. It was so hard to change my diet and kick my bad habits. The first workout program that I did was a Beachbody program. I cried the whole time. Instead of allowing the pain to stop me, I used it to push me. During the healing process, I have learned so much. One of the biggest lessons that I have learned is that our food matters. What we put into our bodies will either help us or harm us. God created everything that we need to be healthy. Sometimes we can’t find the solution because it is so simple that we stumble over it. 

All of my experiences have been preparing me for this part of my journey. I know how it feels to be sick and in pain. I also know the amazing feeling of overcoming it. Whatever your situation, there is hope. Let me help you. 

Love and blessings,


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