4 ingredients for a good day

How do you feel when the alarm clock beeps? Do you wake up in a bad mood or a good mood?

I used to wake up in a bad mood. The moment my eyes opened, my mental to-do list started scrolling through my mind, and I would cringe at all the things that needed to be done. Then, I would think about the ever-looming to-do list as I got ready. Along with all the things about the previous day that I didn’t like. I would also give myself an extra boost of negativity by turning on the news. By the time I left for work, I was in a terrible mood. This made my commute stressful and everything irritated me. It was so bad on some days I couldn’t stand myself. My mind rationalized, I just wasn’t a morning person.

But I wanted to be. I wanted to wake up happy and to have a good day every day—instead of every once in a while. So, I decided to figure it out.

   1. Set your intentions the night before.

When I go to sleep thinking about the wonderful things that happened in my day, then my heart is centered on gratitude. Sometimes I think of as many things as possible to be grateful for as I drift off to sleep. Therefore, when I wake up the next morning, my mind is still in a grateful state. I’ve trained myself to thank God for my day before I get out of bed.

    2.  Have coffee with God.

Reading something inspirational as soon as I wake up helps me establish my mindset for the day. When I read about God’s love for me and His promises, then it makes me feel loved. Then, I pray. I go ahead and address whatever is bothering me, so I don’t have to carry it with me throughout my day. Lastly, I ask for guidance. While I don’t know the challenges that might occur each day, God knows. He knows how to prepare me for whatever might happen that day.

  3. Journal

Writing helps me to get all of my thoughts out of my head. Then, I can examine them. When I write down what is bothering me, then it gives me an opportunity to see my situation with clarity. Things are usually more overwhelming when they are just bouncing around in or minds. But when we write it all down, then we are better equipped to plan our day. I also spend a few minutes writing down what I am grateful for. This helps me start my day in a grateful state, and then I continue to look for things to be grateful for all day.

  4. Exercise

Walking early in the morning and getting to watch the sun come up is priceless. It always reminds me that today is a new day. Regardless of what happened yesterday, today is an opportunity to start again. When I move my body, then it helps my joints, gives me energy, and relieves stress. It also boosts my creativity.
I wake up several hours before I need to actually get up so I have time to do my morning routine. It makes me more patient, positive, and wiser. It’s hard to have a bad day when we are grateful for everything.


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