Zippy has hope for those being bullied

I remember the bellyache and the dread of going to school or work the next day. It invaded my thoughts and was like a dark cloud that loomed over me. The emotional abuse of it all destroyed my self-worth. It made me feel worthless and as if I really wasn’t good enough.
Looking back now, I can see that person bullying me had her own issues. Someone had been mean to her and her circumstances were difficult. Therefore, she probably felt powerless. In her attempt to regain power, she put others down. That kind of power thrives off of hate.
While we can’t control our circumstances or how other people treat us, we can decide how we are going to react. If we truly want to feel powerful in life and important, then we need to be kind and compassionate. When we help someone else, then it helps us as well.
We don’t have to attend every fight that we are invited to. Regardless of how someone else treats us, we have the ability to treat them good. The world does not need more hate. What it needs is more love, more compassion, and more kindness.
God hears our prayers. Go to Him with your troubles. He will show you how to deal with them. Talk to someone. It is not your fault that other people are mean. Their behavior is not a reflection of you. It is a reflection of the hurt inside of them. Let’s pray for those who are being mean to us. We might be the only one who cares enough to pray for them.
Suicide as a result of bullying is becoming more and more popular. As a community, we need to do what we can to help the kids who feel hopeless. I am ready to get back into the schools and share my message of hope. Sometimes kids just need hope. They need to know that someone else has endured the hardships and learned to overcome them.
My Zippy books are so much more than just a story. They offer a new perspective and hope for tough issues. Ask your kid’s school to contact me about coming to their school ( Share this message. Buy one of my books for someone struggling. And, let’s pray so hard for these kids. All of them. The ones being bullied and the ones who are bullying others.
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